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It is for licensees to ensure that they comply with the conditions of licences issued by Ofcom and it should not have been necessary for Ofcom to remind Fox of its obligations in this regard. Due to the temporary and emergency nature of these approvals, our checks are necessarily limited.

Ofcom did not consider any case sufficiently serious to warrant a penalty.

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The registrar may make known any such debarment and the reasons therefor by notice on the official web site or by means of any other appropriate public media.

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Many of those who provided evidence for our separate public interest assessment of the change of control also raised concerns about fitness and properness.

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In addition, the ECBdecisionsresulting from fit and proper assessmentsare not always simply positive or negative. The Financial Institution has a framework that promotes and sustains among all employees the desired conduct.

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In light of these hurdles, there has been some support for creating a legal safe harbour for reporting misconduct in financial services either to a central database or directly to other firms.

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The Registrar, for his part, has powers to take persons who have contravened or not complied with any provisions of the Act to court.

In these cases, the financial institution will need to ask the Financial Markets Association of Malaysia whether the individual has been involved in any case of financial market misconduct.

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