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Local governments can complement this strategy and further decrease their environmental impact by incorporating resource conservation and recovery criteria into purchasing, such as minimum recycled content in products.

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PCBs are regulated by EPA as toxic substances; they may cause cancer and liver damage and can have negative impacts on the neurological development of children, the human reproductive system, the immune system, and the endocrine system.

The Federal Energy Management Program FEMP provides guidance reference materials and resource links to help agencies comply with federal laws and.

Water and energy are closely linked A clean reliable water source consumes energy Water conservation leads to energy conservation.

Energy savings Top 10 SRP recommends the following simple no-costlow-cost energy savings tips as the starting point for your energy conservation efforts at. Wide range of brands and services to help Australian businesses.

The voluntary goals are not mandatory, and no penalty or adverse consequence will accrue to a utility that is unable to achieve the annual energy and demand savings goals.

Renewable energy replenishes itself cutting down on our need to harvest new resources.

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