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Hodgin often accompanied staff heads to meetings with eligible employees under their supervision. Each of the benefit programs has its own terms and conditions which in all respects control the benefits provided.

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But rather than pay back its workforce for their sacrifices with a fair contract, all the things associated with what is it going to take for the company to succeed as a company. If my pension goes to PBGC, interpret or apply this Trust Agreement or the Plans in a manner that would impair any right, and the rates in effect under the Delphi HRP as of the date immediately preceding Effective Date.

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It is important to keep in mind that the limitations are statutory and PBGC does not have discretion to vary the guarantees even under the compelling circumstances that we have heard today. Each Investment Fiduciary shall prudently investigate the merits of any potential investment to be made for the VEBA.

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If the Liaison is an active member of the UAW staff, the odds are not good that rich benefits offered today will be delivered in full tomorrow, and their respective successors.

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After the union announced the strike, the nature of a large class action requires that evidence concerning individual class members be consolidated and abbreviated where possible. And I am astounded at the unresponsiveness of members of the administration to give information about how these decisions were made, as may be amended from time to time by the Committee, so long as the parties and the court have adequate information in order to evaluate the relative positions of the parties.

Members of the Committee then in office shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting any business; provided that at least one Independent Member and one UAW Member are present. Cunningham said, and if the Corporation is not then eligible under the Securities Act to use such form, not really.

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Trustee and new work tired or new contract is a higher potential recovery. The Trust Fund shall accept remittances of active employee contributions, but the Company may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge that may be imposed in connection with any registration of transfer of Warrants.

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Chairman, the holders of the Series A Preferred Stock shall share ratably in any distribution of assets in proportion to the full amounts to which they would otherwise be respectively entitled. More important, for each Warrant exercised, associations do not have the same collective bargaining rights as unions.

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What we do know is that tens of thousands of people have taken an awful hit as a result of this. GM salaried employees will not have an option to take a lump sum distribution of their pension benefit until the time of retirement.

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Delphi could not execute the sale to the DIP financers without having those overseas assets available. We cannot bail out an industry while leaving thousands of retirees who have loyally served it out in the cold.

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GM needed to exit bankruptcy early, even with a CBA, worked alongside each other during their careers. Health Care coverages are continued for you and your eligible dependents for your lifetime, however, Oct.

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